Five Things To Avoid If You Wear Braces

As a result of the many advancements in dentistry, there are few things that will change if you need to wear braces. With modern treatments, braces are less noticeable and more comfortable than they have ever been. Nonetheless, there are five things that you should avoid when you are wearing braces if you are to get maximum value from your treatment. Listed below is a list of these things.

  1. There are certain foods that should be avoided. There are some food types that just don't suit braces. For example, hard foods and those that are sticky such as nuts, hard candy, taffy, gum, and popcorn are best avoided. There are some fruits and vegetables you need to be careful with too. It is best, for instance, to cut carrots, apples, and similar foods into small pieces and remove corn from the cob rather than biting into it.   
  2. It is best to touch braces as little as possible. It is advisable not to touch your braces with your hands unless when cleaning them. Don't try to bend any wires or move any parts yourself. If a wire or bracket gets loose or pops off, contact your dentist to arrange for a repair.
  3. Don't play contact sports unless you are willing to wear a mouth guard. With braces, you can keep on playing your favorite sports but you may need a specially-made mouth guard if there is any chance of your mouth getting hit. This mouth guard will be specially designed to fit over your braces without causing any discomfort.  
  4. Avoid using any products to whiten your teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, resist the temptation until your braces are removed. Remember that tooth whitening products will only whiten the areas they can reach, so it is best not to use whitening toothpastes, gels, or mouthwashes until you are free of your braces. Otherwise, your teeth may end up with an uneven color when the braces are removed.
  5. Beware of habits that might harm your braces. Habits like biting on pens or pencils, or biting your nails should be avoided at all times especially when you are wearing braces. You might not be aware of doing these things or the frequency at which you do them, but these habits can damage your braces.

To change your mouth and smile for the better, it is essential to take proper care of your braces. Avoiding a few things or at least being aware of some harmful habits will make your investment well worthwhile in the end. For more tips, talk to cosmetic dentists such as Bauder Robert J DMD.