Protecting Your Teeth When You Are Involved In Contact Sports

If you play contact sports, you are at an increased risk of breaking a tooth or having one completely knocked out. Therefore, you should educate yourself on the ways you can decrease your chances of suffering a dental emergency. Also, learn some dental first aid so you can act quickly and appropriately if you do have an accident that involves your teeth. Read the information in this article to better prepare yourself for the possible dental risks involved with the sport you are in.

Wear a good fitting mouth guard

Wearing a good mouth guard is extremely important when you play a contact sport. You can get a mouth guard at a sporting supply store that you warm up and mold to your mouth yourself, but this type of mouth guard may not be the best choice.

It's a much better idea to go directly to your dentist for your mouth guard. This way, you know the mouth guard fits you exactly how it should and that it is made by durable material you can count on to protect your mouth as much as possible.

Keep a dental first aid kit in your sports bag

Take a small tackle box and fill it with gauze, a plastic baggy, anti-inflammations, an instant ice pack, a clean cloth, the business cards for both your dentist and a 24-hour emergency dentist and a small bottle of water.

What to do if you knock out one of your teeth

If you knock a tooth out you need to act quickly in order for there to be a chance of saving it. Pick it up without touching the root. The root is extremely fragile, and touching it can damage it and make it so it can't be saved.

Rinse your mouth out with water, and then rinse the tooth off with your own saliva. Since saliva is part of your tooth's natural environment, it is the best choice.  If possible, put the tooth back in the socket and bite down on a piece of gauze to secure the tooth in place. If you can't do this, spit in the plastic baggy from your kit and put your tooth in the spit. Get to a dentist right away, whether it be your own or an emergency dentist.

If your dentist can't save your tooth, there are options to replace it. The dentist may suggest a dental implant, a dental bridge or partial dentures.   

What to do if you break a tooth

If you break a tooth then you want to take an anti-inflammatory for pain and use the instant ice pack against your cheek to help with the swelling and pain. Get in to see your dentist right away to have your tooth repaired. If you have only chipped the tooth, the dentist may be able to fill it.

An actual break may require more to repair it. A crown is a good choice for a broken tooth because it goes over the remaining portion of tooth to protect it. At the same time, it also looks and feels like your natural tooth. Getting a crown is also a simple and relatively painless procedure.