Dental Advice For Keeping Your Teeth White This Holiday Season

The holidays can be an especially trying time when it comes to keeping your teeth looking white. You will be invited to enjoy a lot of desserts that taste wonderful, but that can lead to your teeth getting stained or discolored. You don't want to pass up the chance to enjoy all that good food, but you also want to maintain your great looking smile. Therefore, you should follow the advice in this article so you can keep your nice white teeth.

Watch what you drink

There are some drinks that quickly stain and discolor your teeth and there are other drinks that help your teeth to stay white. By making sure you consume more of the good drinks, you can help prevent staining.

Drinks you should avoid include red wine, red fruit punch, coffee and tea. Drinks you should make sure you drink a lot of include milk and water. Milk may even help to whiten your teeth more effectively than some whitening toothpastes. Adding some milk to tea can turn the tea into a healthy drink for your teeth instead of one you should avoid. Water is helpful in rinsing food particles from your mouth so they don't cause a buildup of plaque.

Look at the colors of the foods you eat

Eating foods that have a natural look or a light colored one will lessen the chances that your teeth will become stained. Foods colored brightly, like blue or red cake frosting, are colored with the use of food dye. This food dye will get on the surface of your teeth and it can change the appearance of your teeth over time, staining and darkening them.

Clean your teeth after you eat

Since you probably snack frequently during the holidays, it's important to do what you can to keep your teeth clean. If you can, carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as floss. Use it often to remove harmful foods soon after eating.

If it's not feasible to brush throughout the day, then you can keep sugarless gum with you and chew a piece after you eat something. It will pull particles from your teeth to decrease the staining that will occur.

See the dentist

As soon as the holidays have past, you should make an appointment to get in to see a dentist like Advanced Family Dental Care LLC. Have them give you a professional cleaning and see about a teeth whitening treatment.