Pearly Whites: Try A Natural Dental Whitening Solution

Your can get a smile that lights up the room, and you can get that smile naturally too. The following is a natural whitening coating that should help bring out your best smile. And the best thing about this whitening solution is it won't cost you a lot of money. 

The Whitening Ingredients

To make this whitening solution, you will need effective ingredients:

Pineapple Juice

Raw pineapple juice will be helpful because it contains a special active ingredient called bromelain. Bromelain helps disturb the biofilm that stains and bacteria use to stick to your teeth. And you will be preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth, which can cause things like tartar (a thick yellow layer of residue and bacteria). 

Baking Soda

Another ingredient that you will use in this whitening coating is baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive and will gently lift surface stains from your teeth. But, baking soda doesn't stop there because it also helps neutralize the acidity in your mouth. This is important because bacteria use acidic secretions to damage your teeth, which could lead to deeper stains.

Turmeric Powder

The last ingredient you want to add to your whitening solution is turmeric powder. This powder is slightly abrasive, like baking soda. So it should help lift some stains from your teeth as well. Turmeric also contains some vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C or calcium, which may help remineralize your enamel. Your teeth should be able to fend off stains and bacterial attacks when they are remineralized.

Understand that these ingredients are meant to help, not cure any dental ailments. These ingredients are not meant to deal with deep-rooted stains that have already penetrated your dental enamel and reached your dentin. Let your oral specialist take care of any ailments or deep-rooted stains.

How To Make This Whitening Coating

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of turmeric. You want to add enough pineapple juice to this blend to make it paste-like.
  2. Coat your teeth with the paste.
  3. Use a clean toothbrush to brush the coating on your teeth.
  4. Allow the mixture to sit on your teeth for a minute or two. Then you can rinse it off.

Now you have a natural, yet inexpensive way to brighten your smile. Be sure to speak to your dentist, one like Preferred Family Dental, about this addition to your oral regimen. He or she will monitor your reaction.