3 Ways To Make Brushing And Flossing A Priority For Your Kids

You may be amazed at how many parents seemingly forget to brush their children's teeth. Or, maybe you won't be so surprised, because you have been known to skip a night or two. Just about everyone can admit to at least one or two instances when they were too busy or overwhelmed to put oral hygiene first and foremost. Yet, parents need to place great importance on establishing healthy patterns for their kids from an early age, and that includes oral healthcare. Here are some tips to help you make brushing and flossing a top priority in your household, even when things seem super hectic:

Make a Chart

Have fun (and get your children involved) by making a tooth care chart. All you need is a piece of construction paper and some markers. You could be even more adventurous and creative and use cardboard, stencils and other craft supplies.

This is a great rainy-day activity to keep your kids engaged and to teach some healthy habits along the way. Create a row for each child, as well as columns for each day of the month. Make it a goal to brush and floss twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Place a sticker on the chart for each time your child meets the goal. This will get them excited to clean their teeth and help to reinforce this pattern of behavior without being a nagging parent.

Use an App

Turn to your technology and use it to remind you of the importance of a healthy mouth. Did you know that there are apps, such as Toothsavers, that help you track your family's oral health progress.  By using daily updates and reminders, as well as a fun cast of characters, electronica applications can be useful resources for busy parents.

Talk with Your Children's Dentist

Finally, be sure to schedule regular check-ups with your general dentist, and discuss the issues that you may have with keeping your little ones' oral hygiene in check.  Having constant communication will not only keep you in-the-know, but it will help your children be more aware of healthy tooth-brushing behavior. Every six months, you and your children should be visiting the dentist for a cleaning and complete dental exam to make sure teeth and gums are in tip-top shape.

If you have not scheduled an appointment within the last six months, contact the office of  your local dentist .