Why Use Porcelain Onlays And Inlays

When a tooth is suffering from severe or mild tooth decay, your dentist may try to restore your tooth using a porcelain onlay or inlay. For tooth decay that is mild, the porcelain inlay may be better for you instead of using a traditional dental filling. For severe tooth decay, an onlay can be used instead of a dental crown. Onlays and inlays will cost you more than a traditional crown or filling, but provide some benefit. Understand the differences to know how they can work better for you.

They Look Natural

Many dental patients decide to use a porcelain onlay or inlay because they feel it looks much more natural when compared to a crown or filling. This is because porcelain can be altered to match your tooth's natural shade so it blends in perfectly. This porcelain will also be very resistant to staining, so it will retain its color for a long period of time.

They Last A Long Time

When compared to resin, porcelain will be a much harder material. When used for fixing a cavity, it will last longer than a composite filling. The porcelain for the onlay or inlay is also cemented directly to your tooth's surface, which ensures that they will stay in in the tooth and not fall out.

The strength of the porcelain means that your tooth will be strengthened as well. Resin used for a filling can often be the weak link, being the first thing that breaks down. If this happens, more decay can occur as bacteria gets underneath the filling.

They Fit Better

A resin filling has the potential to contract or expand after they're placed into a tooth. This creates a problem with the small gap that it leaves around your filling. If bacteria gets stuck in the gap, it will easily lead to more tooth decay.

The porcelain used for an onlay or inlay will be customized to the exact shape of your teeth, making it a much better fit. Not only will it prevent bacteria from getting stuck along the sides, but be more comfortable for eating food.

These are just a few benefits of porcelain onlays or inlays. If you are not sure if they are right for you, schedule a consultation with a dentist like Schererville Family Dentistry. They can let you know if they will work best for your specific situation involving tooth decay, and recommend a course of action to take.