The Facts About Braces Nowadays

If you have certain dental problems like large gaps between your teeth or teeth that are crooked, then it can affect the way your smile looks just as much as it affects the way you feel about yourself. In severe cases it can even affect the way you speak or even eat. Braces have come a long way since people had no choices in the type they went with and were bound to the one available type. You can learn about some of the different choices in braces and other helpful appliances by reviewing the information provided here:

You can still have the traditional braces put on

If you want, the traditional braces that are silver in color and which go on the front of your teeth are still an option. They are uncomfortable and even a bit painful when first put on, as well as each time they are adjusted. They can cut the inside of your mouth with their pointy edges, but this can be controlled with an orthodontic wax you put over those bothersome pieces.

There are also other options you can choose to go with if you decide to have these braces put on. You can go with clear bands and even clear brackets. This makes them a lot less noticeable. There are even options for kids, such as going with colorful bands that give them a funky look.

A spin on the traditional braces that is now available are called lingual braces. They work in the same way and look similar, except they are put on the backs of your teeth. You do want to be prepared for a bit more pain and irritation should you choose to go this route.

Clear aligners are a fantastic option

There are clear aligners that slide on over your top and bottom rows of teeth. They are made to fit over each tooth while applying force where needed to cause the shifting of the necessary teeth. They don't put as strong of force on the teeth which means they can take more time but are easier to deal with. They can come out, but you want to keep them in for as many hours a day as possible.

Veneers may be an option

Depending on a lot of factors, veneers may be a valid option. This will depend on the spacing between your teeth, the shape of your teeth, the severity of the crookedness, your budget and other factors. If you are a good candidate for this option, that is great. However, the dentist will need to consider all the factors and then will inform you whether or not it will work for your needs.