How Are Same-Day Implants Completed?

If you want a dental implant but do not want to wait months to get one, you could consider getting a same-day implant. These implants are completed in just one day; however, you will need to visit a dentist for preliminary work before getting one. Here are several things to know about the process of same-day implants.

You must be a good candidate to get a same-day implant

Same-day implants are not for everyone, but they are good options for people who are good candidates. To be a good candidate for a same-day implant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have an ample amount of jawbone to support the implant placed in your mouth
  • Be in good health so that your mouth will heal quickly
  • Not use tobacco products as these interfere with the healing process

If you meet these conditions, you might be a good candidate for a same-day implant. Additionally, to be a good candidate, you may need to have a tooth in the spot where you want the implant. Having a tooth there typically indicates that there is enough bone to use for the implant. Whereas, when a tooth is missing, the bone might not be dense enough. To find out if you qualify, you will need to meet with a dentist for an examination and testing.

The dentist will complete a lot of work before scheduling the procedure

If you are a good candidate for a same-day implant, your dentist will complete a lot of work before scheduling the implant procedure. The dentist will want to look inside your mouth and take x-rays of this area of your mouth. The main purpose of this is to determine if you have enough jawbone to use for the procedure. Without enough jawbone, your mouth will not be able to support an implant, especially a same-day implant.

The entire procedure takes place all at once

Instead of spreading out the different steps in the dental implant procedure over months, your dentist will complete them all during just one visit. During the visit, the dentist will place an implant in your bone and will then attach the crown to it with an abutment. Over time, the implant will fuse to your bone, and this will strengthen it.

If getting a dental implant is something you are considering, you should consider finding out more about same-day implants. If you qualify, you could get the implant in just one visit. Contact a dental clinic in your city, like Ramtown Dental Associates , to learn more about this.