How To Make Sure Your Invisalign Treatment Succeeds

Invisalign can be very effective at straightening your teeth, but only if you wear it properly. Your orthodontist will give you instructions, and if you do not follow them properly, your teeth won't be as straight as they should be.

Wear Your Retainer Consistently for the First Two Days

Most orthodontists will require that you wear your Invisalign aligners consistently for the first 48 hours. It should only be taken out to eat and brush your teeth. Otherwise, you should be consistent with your use of the appliance since your teeth will need to adjust properly. Even after the first two days, you should wear your retainer as much as you can. But this is the most crucial during the first two days.

Wear It 22 Hours a Day

You should be wearing your retainer for at least 22 hours a day. With normal braces, you aren't able to remove them. However, the Invisalign retainer comes with the convenience of being able to take out your retainer whenever you want. For that reason, you must be consistent in wearing it.

Change the Retainer as Scheduled

You are required to change your retainer periodically. Make sure to follow the schedule. Oftentimes, your orthodontist will contact you when it's time to replace your Invisalign. 

Use Retainer Attachments

Your orthodontist might recommend that you use attachments known as "buttons" to speed up your treatment process. You might be afraid of these attachments, but you don't have to be. They won't hurt you and can speed up your treatment.

Keep Wearing It

After you are done with your initial treatment, you might be tempted to not wear your retainer anymore. For some patients, their teeth will largely stay in place. But some patients will see their teeth shift out of place. The retainer might not need to be worn all day after you have finished the treatment, but there's nothing wrong with wearing it at night.

Don't Skip Appointments

Each retainer is meant to gradually shift your teeth into place. For this reason, each retainer is somewhat different. If the treatment does not go exactly as the orthodontist expected, he or she might need to make adjustments to your retainers. For this reason, it's important to come to the regularly scheduled appointments to make sure that you end up with the results you want. But in the end, you will have a beautiful and straight smile.