New To Dentures? Four Misconceptions About Them To Be Aware Of

If you're planning on getting new dentures to fix your problem with missing teeth, you might have some misconceptions about using dentures before you even start using them. This is the truth about four of those misconceptions that are commonly made.

Misconception 1: Dentures Are Noticeable

One of the purposes of having dentures will be to fix a person's smile in a way that looks very natural, but for some reason people have the misconception that dentures will look like noticeably fake teeth. The concern is that they've masked the original problem by creating another one with the dentures. The truth is that dentures that have been fit properly to your mouth shouldn't have the problem of people being able to notice you wearing them. While removing dentures around others will make it very obvious that you're using them, this is not something you'll need to do around others.

Misconception 2: Dentures Make It Hard To Eat

There are some restrictions as to what you're able to eat with dentures, btu the list is incredibly short and easy for anyone to follow. After all, the purpose of dentures is to allow you to chew foods again and not experience pain. If anything, you're experience of using dentures when eating should be the opposite of difficult, since it will improve your quality of life.

Misconception 3: Dentures Make It Hard To Talk

Once again, dentures that have been properly fit to your mouth should not cause any problems with talking. The misconception revolves around the idea that dentures can slip out of place when talking, causing you to focus more on holding the dentures in place rather than just talking natural. Dentures will allow you to regain your speaking ability due to having teeth that help assist with certain sounds. Speech will only improve rather than decline.

Misconception 4: Dentures Always Require Adhesives

Dentures work by creating a suction against the roof of your mouth with saliva, and should not require regular use of denture adhesives. However, adhesives can give you some additional security if you feel like you need it. For instance, if you're doing any public speaking and want to guarantee that the dentures are secure. Adhesives can also be used to help secure your dentures in place if they're starting to fit uncomfortable, and buy you some time until you can visit your dentist.

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