2 Alternatives To Using Floss While Cleaning Underneath Your Fixed Partial Bridge

If you have recently had fixed partial bridges placed in your mouth to replace a few missing teeth, you may have found that you are having problems with using dental floss to keep the spaces between them and your gums clean. If this is the case, consider using one of the following alternatives to using floss.

1.  Use a Proxy Brush under the Bridge Instead of Floss

Even if you are using a special floss provided by your dentist to clean under your bridges, you may have problems getting to all of the nooks and crannies without snagging the floss on the edges. Instead, you may want to try using a proxy brush to clean under the bridge.

A proxy brush is a thin brush that resembles a tiny baby bottle brush. It is small enough to fit into the gaps under your bridges, and the bristles are just long and flexible enough to clean otherwise hard to reach areas.

When using the proxy brush, dip it first in a small amount of mouthwash, then gently move it in and out of the gaps. Do not push down on the gums while using it, as this is unnecessary and could damage the tissue. Once you have cleaned the gaps, rinse your mouth with water, making sure to push the water through the gaps to remove any food particles you have dislodged.

2.  Spray Water into the Space Using a Water Flosser

Even if you have tried using a proxy brush, you may feel awkward or uncomfortable pushing the tool through the gaps under your bridges. Or, you may have sore, tender gums that even the gentlest of pressure irritates.

If so, an alternative to both floss and the proxy brush is using a water flosser to spray water into the gaps. The water flosser has a stream that is strong enough to remove food while being gentle enough not to hurt your gums.

If you desire, you can also use other liquids in the water flosser by filling up its chamber. Instead of straight water, for example, you can add a little salt to give the water a little extra cleaning and antibacterial power. Or, you can mix mouthwash with the water to give your mouth an extra fresh feeling while killing germs and removing food.

If you have problems with using floss under your bridges, the above ideas provide effective alternatives that you may find easier to use. For more information about taking care of your bridges, contact a dental clinic like New England Dental Specialists of Norwood