How to Make Your Veneers Look More Natural

Veneers are an excellent smile restoration option for people with chipped, missing, or severely stained teeth. For the most part, people who decide to go with this cosmetic option are very pleased. However, some people feel their new teeth look fake and unnatural. If you're thinking about getting veneers, but have concerns you'll be in the latter group, understand that there are ways to avoid this sort of outcome.

Go to a Professional Office

As a result of the recent growth in the popularity of veneers, more people are offering this service. However, the experience level of every dentist isn't necessarily the same. Veneers are permanent, so in the same manner that you would want to see the previous work of a plastic surgeon, don't hesitate to ask the dentist for photos of their previous patients. 

However, even more important, don't go to any non-professional establishment that is offering veneers for a shockingly low price. Instead, visit a cosmetic dentist that has the proper training to design and place veneers.

Lab Partnerships

Pair with a dental professional who has a close partnership with the lab that produces the veneers. An important thing to remember is that veneers are custom made; they are not created on an assembly line. Given this customization, the patient and the dentist can tell the lab exactly how they want the veneers to look.

A dentist with a good partnership can also tell the lab what type of imperfections if any, they want the veneers to have to make them look more natural. Some imperfections include creating veneers that are only a shade or two brighter than your teeth or canines with a defined point, rather than a squarer option.

Face Shape

Another key to making veneers look more natural is understanding how the shape of your face correlates with your teeth shape. For instance, people with square-shaped faces typically look better with round teeth. Teeth that are too boxy in this instance can make the face look too hard; round teeth create a softer look.

On the other hand, for someone with an oval face style, square teeth look better. The width provided by the squareness helps add fullness to the side of the face, which is often lost with an oval shape face. Fullness going across the face helps balance the longer face structure that comes with an oval face shape.

By far, your dentist will play the most important role in making your veneers look natural. If you're ready to try veneers, contact services such as Professional Dental Center.