Why You Should Never Skip A Routine Dentist Appointment

Do not overlook the benefits of getting routine dental examinations. It is not wise to judge your own oral health based on what you see in the mirror. Some individuals do not realize that they have cavities because some cavities are not dark in appearance. Routine dental appointments involve teeth cleanings and oral exams. The following are a few reasons they are beneficial.

Early Detection of Tooth Damage from Habits

There are a number of lifestyle choices and habits that can be damaging to teeth. Chewing on objects such as pencils and nail-biting can damage teeth. Clenching teeth and grinding teeth during sleep, which is called bruxism, are also damaging to teeth. These habits can negatively impact the shape of teeth. Smoking, consumption of wine, coffee, or tea can stain teeth. 

Early Cancer Detection

Anyone could get oral cancer. It is characterized as white or red patches in the mouth, which may or may not be painful. Some individuals may also experience mouth bleeding. Since other issues such as inflamed gums can cause mouth bleeding, it is wise to get a dentist to perform an exam to determine the cause. Numbness and lumps in the mouth or lymph nodes are also signs of oral cancer. Early detection can be literally a matter of life or death. 

Early Gum Disease Detection

Gum disease first appears as gingivitis, which is characterized as swollen inflamed gum. If it is not detected, treated, and reversed in a timely manner, there is a risk of gum disease developing. Gum disease occurs when tartar attaches to teeth and leads to infection. It can lead to tooth loss and may negatively impact health in areas of the body beyond the mouth. Some individuals with gum disease have cardiovascular issues, and certain cardiovascular issues have been linked to poor oral hygiene. 

Tartar Removal

Most tooth plaque can be removed from teeth through toothbrushing and flossing. However, this does not remove all traces, which leads to hardened plaque deposits on teeth that become tartar. It can only be removed with special tools by a dentist.

A dentist is the best resource to use to learn more about why routine dental exams are necessary. Some individuals have certain oral conditions that may require them to get exams done at a different interval than every six months. A dentist can make this determination, and it is possible for individuals to be able to revert back to a monitoring schedule every six months if their conditions improve. 

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