3 Factors You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing Between Implants And Dentures

The choice between dental implants and dentures can be a difficult decision for many people to make. This is because while both options offer an effective solution to tooth loss, the way in which this goal is accomplished is quite different depending upon which option you ultimately choose. While you may find that you are leaning towards the use of dentures in order to avoid the need for oral surgery, which comes along with implant dentistry, it is important to keep the following three factors in mind when making your final decision.

Retaining Bone Density

The shape and density of your jawbone can have a huge impact on your ability to eat difficult to chew foods, as well as impacting the shape of your face. When using dentures to replace your natural teeth you will inevitably lose bone density over the long term as your bone naturally begins to shrink when there is no longer a tooth root present in the tooth socket. The use of implants can prevent this type of shrinkage since the implants replace the tooth root inside of the socket. Not only does this help to prevent changes in the shape and density of your jawbone but it can also result in a replacement tooth that feels much more natural and provides a stronger bite.

Future Need For Adjustments

While implant dentistry does require more invasive procedures than the use of dentures, undergoing these procedures now can help to save you quite a few trips to the dentist in the future. This is because choosing dentures over implants means you will be forced to deal with a lifelong need for adjustments. The need for these adjustments is a direct result of your jawbone shrinking and your gum line changing due to the pressure that is put on the gums while wearing dentures. While denture adhesives can help to secure poorly fitting dentures over the short term, the only way to really correct the fit is to visit your dentist to have them adjusted or relined. This can become both time-consuming and expensive.

Maintaining Your Sense Of Taste

One factor that many people tend to overlook when choosing between dentures and dental implants is their sense of taste. However, many people who wear dentures will experience a huge difference regarding this experience. This is because a full set of upper dentures not only covers your gums but the roof of your mouth as well. Since taste buds are located both on your tongue and on the roof of your mouth, having your pallet covered by the denture can greatly decrease your ability to taste. This is not a problem when choosing to replace your missing teeth with dental implants instead.

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